Silence. On pense.

Anabelle. Aka AB. A-Bee. Bena. Belle. Bee. Fei Lin. Nayanika. Cameroun.

Joan Osborne - What if God was One of Us

Contemplating making a food blog soon because I cook quite a lot and I find myself liking cooking and documenting it a whole lot these days.

Devrais-je ouvrir un blog nourriture avec tous les plats que je concocte? Hum. The jury’s out.

The Staple Singers - I'll Take You There

Mavis Staples’ voice though. Chills. Chills. Chills.

Joss Stone Feat. Common - Tell Me What We're Gonna Do Now

Diana Ross - Upside Down

People don’t believe me when I say I haven’t had a cellphone in 3 years. I mean I do have the device but I don’t have a SIM card and I really don’t use it. I truly don’t have a phone. I hate phones and technology these days!